JC and The Disciples is the group that helped me survive my three years in Divinity School.  Made up of some of my closest friends, JC and The Disciples was born out of a common love of cheesy pop music and hours around a campfire with guitars and four-chord progressions. Only performing medleys with acoustic instruments, JC and the Disciples' three-part harmony and five-part awesomeness will revolutionize the way you think about music.

Band members include: 

  • Bryant Manning - Guitar, Lead Vocals, BGVs, Musical Genius
  • John Carl Hastings (JC) - Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals, BGVs, Assorted Haircuts
  • Angelo Sanchez - Assorted Drums, Lead Vocals, BGVs, Random Blurts
  • Brian Smith - Left-Handed Guitar, Musical Direction, Resident Ginger
  • Chandler Ragland - Guitar, Programming, Gas Money, Beatbox

The whole, by that I mean entirety, of our work is found below in chronological order so that you too can experience the magic.

"Edge of Glory" Medley

Songs include: It Is Well, Edge of Glory, One Day, Nobody Wanna See Us Together, Remix (Ignition), No Woman No Cry

 "Some Nights" Medley

Songs include: Some Nights, Cecilia, Call Me Maybe, Fix You, Remix (Ignition), Glorious One, Never Ever Getting Back Together,   

Graduation Medley

Songs include: Friends, Wonderwall, Here's To The Night, Absolutely (Story of a Girl), Live Like You're Dying, Wide Open Spaces, Forever Young (Alphaville), Forever Young (Rod Stewart), Graduation (Friends Forever), Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Glorious One.