"My Adoration" is a contemporary worship song.  Its lyrics call the worshiper to recognize that though what they have to offer to God is inadequate for such a being as Yahweh, we continue, as we are called, to bring the offerings humbly before God's throne.  Whether we are singing or dancing, we continue to fall at the feet of our King because it is all we can do. The piece hinges on the simple chorus and melody, "Hallelujah" meaning "give praise to God" or "God be praised." 

"My Adoration" 

My adoration isn't fit for a King, 

But with humble hands I bring this offering

To the God of Jacob, to the Lord Most High; 

May the One above all else be glorified. 

We will dance, and we will sing. 

Across the mountains, and all of the seas. 

We will dance and we will sing

And fall at the feet, at the feet of our King. 

With all we have inside, we sing. 


Hallelujah, Oh Hallelu

Hallelujah, Oh Hallelu

Hallelujah, Oh Hallelujah