Thought you would be interested to see what I read day to day. Here's a few of my favorite blogs and a little about why I read them. For now, I'll only include the bigger blogs because I'm not sure whether my friends would want me to post theirs for the whole world to see. Perhaps in the future.

Daring Fireball by John Gruber - Many call him Apple's inside blogger.  He's the epitome of a fanboi, but mostly right.  It blows my mind that this is his professional job now.

The Verge - the Senior Editors at Engadget left.  They started "This is My Next" as a connector to their new project, which recently launched.  Check them out.

Jesus Needs New PR by Matthew Paul Turner - I met MPT when he came to Florida Southern with the Bethany Dillon concert and we chatted for quite awhile.  We exchanged some emails, I bought his book, and my wife seems to have the EXACT same TV habits as him. Now I read his blog.  I put up with his obsession with Amy Grant and he is sometimes a bit harsh, but he right more than he is wrong, and if he played baseball with that average...he'd be in the hall of fame.

Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff - He is incredibly on point and incredibly funny.  Brilliant and true.  Helps me reminisce of my years in youth group and all the stupid stuff we did without giving it another thought.  A must read for any Christian.

UMC Church of the Resurrection Sermons by (mostly) Rev. Adam Hamilton - This is the beauty of podcasts.  UMCOTR is very possibly the biggest UMC church in the United States.  I like Hamilton's preaching style and I'm always interested in a church that is growing.


My Friends:

Many of my friends have blogs. Maybe I'll link them sometime soon.