What the heck is that?!

I have often wanted to tweet, "I think my problem is that I have too many interests.  Never get to be excellent at any one thing." When I was speaking to a group of people a few months back, I was introduced as someone who is beginning ministry by "dovetailing" several things together.  Admittedly, I didn't really knew what she meant.  Enter, Wikipedia.

Undoubtedly you are aware of a dovetailed joint, if not by name, then by sight.  They're everywhere in woodworking.  What I like so much about the concept is the resistance to being pulled apart.  Like all of us, they're interwoven in a way that make a strong infrastructure.  Primitive, yes.  But, strong nonetheless.  In that way, we are all like a dovetailed joint.  The things that make us up, make it hard to pull apart who we are.  This is...for the better.  I think.

It was at this point that I realized that all these things that interest me, music, church, technology, faith, etc. actually make up who I am.

I'm not sure why I want to start a blog.  I'm way behind on this blog thing anyhow. I do know that I have often wanted to explain my thoughts or feelings on a given topic but needed time to think through my ideas.  I could write a book (and anyone can publish one of those nowadays) but that sounds like a lot of work.  Maybe after I write this blog, I'll do just that.

You're probably asking yourself, "Self, what will this blog be about?"  Who knows.  I think I'll talk about music.  I'll probably talk about ministry.  I'm sure I'll touch on technology. I guess I'll talk about what makes up "me". I'll annoy you with funny videos.  I'll present you with interesting articles I find.  You can choose whether or not to read them.

Now, there are a few things that I have learned about blogging though that annoy me.  So I'll attempt to lay out the things that I'll try not to suck at (and some links to examples). Think of this as our "contract". From writer to reader.

1. Keep up the blog.  If you don't post often, people stop reading.  That's right...you, Mr. TuckTuck.

2. Don't post too much.  No one has time to read EVERYTHING.  No one really cares either.

3. Link to things in the midst of sentences to reenforce a point.  It adds to the experience and cleverness of a post.

4. Don't buy stolen property just to get some more page views. Did you HAVE to click that link? Plus, I didn't pay $5,000 for my iPhone 4.

5. Share great videos and articles whether or not they fit with the blog. After all, blogging is about sharing right?

So, if you stick with me, I think we're in for an adventure.  Sometimes the posts will be long.  Sometimes they'll be short.  Stick with me and subscribe.  I'll try not to let you down.