Android sales overtake iPhone in the US vs.

With iPad, Apple is number 3 in the world for portable computers

How much of the Android thing is due to Verizon, and consumers hatred of AT&T?


Many say that the iPad is not a portable computer. Why wouldn't it be?


The trouble with this horse race, however, is that one horse’s progress is being measured in meters while the other is being measured in yards. The comparison between Android and the iPhone is meaningless. The true comparison is between Android and iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. Android’s activation numbers are not device dependent. Apple’s shouldn’t be either.  If we are going to truly compare the two mobile OSs we need to include sales of iPads and iPod Touches. Add them into the mix and the data shows that Android is catching up but still isn’t close.

Here’s the math: I think we can all agree that Apple is selling iPhones at a rate of 4 million a month. Add the 1 million iPads/month Apple is selling and another 1.85 million/month as a guestimate for iPod Touch sales and you get … wait for it …  6.85 million iOS devices a month, or 42 percent more than Android. Apple doesn’t consistently provide iPod Touch numbers, but over the years it has provided enough data to make an educated guess.

Conclusion: iPod Touch sales have conservatively run about two-thirds of iPhone sales. If Apple sold 8.4 million iPhones last quarter, that means it sold 5.5 million iPod Touches, or 1.85 million a month.

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