Women in Ministry

I've been behind on my JesusNeedsNewPR reading recently.  Props to my good friend Rob Tucker for pointing this one out. For those who don't read Matthew Paul Turner's blog, give this video a watch.  It's sickening.


Matthew Paul Turner went on a little rant on it at his blog.

Here's the thing: It's 2010 out in the world. Gays and Lesbians are fighting for marriage rights. We carry phones in our pockets that are really mini computers. Our president is an African-American. We had a woman run with a real chance of winning.  We can literally get on the internet anywhere in the world from our phones(you just can't make phone calls). If we want a new album or movie, we can buy it...without thinking twice.  The President Tweets (although it's mostly a 20-soomething intern).

And you know, the UMC has been ahead of the game in many ways with Women's rights.  Women have been encouraged and supported in ordained ministry since 1956. That was before we stopped using the word "colored" to describe those whose ancestors we enslaved.

The conservative churches are so far behind.  And they're probably going to stay there, because of their principles. Make no mistake, they want to stay there. And they may be making a good point, maybe The Church shouldn't be all about following the culture.

But I don't consider equal rights for those called to serve God..."following the culture".

I think of it as expanding the Kingdom.