A few things that I find interesting:

  • The display of two marriage rings that are to be considered both distinctly male and female show just how different each way of thinking really is.  Also, how out of touch each side is with the other side.  I would imagine that many women in a gay relationship might desire to wear a ring that some may refer to as more "masculine" than normal for a female.
  • The choice of graphics, fonts, buttons, and all around design reminded me immediately of Obama's campaign.
  • It's interesting how a conservative mindset calls on it's followers to "take action".  Don't we typically think of action as a liberal act? It seems to me that in recent times, more so than any other point in my life, Conservative mindsets have been to "take action" so that to keep things the "way they used to be". Significant change in the world?
  • Quote from "Why Marriage Matters" page:
  • Traditional marriage is the foundation of society and has served our state well for centuries. California’s constitutional marriage amendment exists to strengthen society, encourage monogamous and loving marriages and to provide the optimal environment to ensure the well being of children.
  • My thoughts on above quote, California is the home of everything progressive.  The computer industry began and continues there.  It's the home of the entertainment world.  When many east coasters think of California, they think of Hollywood.  Hollywood has done anything but "serve our state well" when it comes to marriage. It's a stretch of an issue, but a reality(I think) nonetheless.
  • At the time of this post, they had 105,048 online supporters.  I don't know much about it, but that really just seems like a small number.