Some songs become popular because they are catchy.Because of this, those artists become popular.

It is my greater belief though that many artists get popular (and because of that stay popular) because they gain a sense of connection with those who listen to their music. There is a sense of loyalty to the artists and the listener buys anything that comes out by them no matter the review. This group or artist is different for each person. Perhaps you, like me, have several of these.

One of the main ones for me is Lifehouse.

Ever since their original album that was mass distributed, No Name Face, I've been a fan. Not all of their stuff is magical, but most of it seems to just gel with me. I haven't listened to No Name Face in years. Today I did. I remembered every word.

Here's the thing though, I've never seen them live. I've had a few chances, but never have. Either something has come up, it was too far away, or I just chose not to go.

One of the magical things about music is that it can just exist without some sort of performance. I know that that is hard to believe in today's world with music videos and live shows, but it can. The music can exist in its original recorded state. It can exist in your mind, running through your head. And what's funny, is that when its something you love, you can remember EVERYTHING about how it goes in your head. You can't always recreate it with your voice, but it's there...and you know it.

One of the things that Ive found about bands that I see live is that after the show, some of the magic is gone. It's not that they're bad, or that the show sucks, its almost like a "been there, done that" situation. And it's not all the time, but its more than I'd like.

Lifehouse is here live on NC State's campus tonight. I'm going.

Here is hoping that the magic will continue to live on.

For those who have never heard Lifehouse, listen below. This is why I fell in love.