Restoring Honor

Did anyone else watch today's Glenn Beck rally? I had two friends who attended it.  They said that the crowd was ridiculous.  It was impossible to see anything.

This entire experience brought on a huge amount of controversy in the media because of the anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.  Beck held his rally in the same location. He claimed he didn't know.  Right...

The purpose was to "Restore Honor".

It was VERY God centered.  Very America centered.  Very Glenn Beck centered. I didn't feel like it was very restoring-honor centered.

The BEST part of the entire experience is that no news (other than CSPAN) covered the entire rally on television.  Almost all of them covered it online tho.  Facebook is where most Americans watched the UStream upload.

Under the stream, Beck's team allowed anyone watching to update their Facebook status.  I found this much more interesting than the event itself.

I've collected some of my favorites below, on both sides of the political spectrum.

NOTE: When you updated your status from the page, you had to check a box saying that you allowed the status to be shared with the public.  Because of this, I have not blurred out the name of those included.  You may disagree with this, but I've thought deeply about it.

If the slideshow goes too quickly, press stop and then use the arrows to read them all.