A New Way to Nano

I bet you thought that I would write about the Apple event today. You were right.

If you want to check out the new iPods, Apple TV, and iTunes, hit up Apple.com

Some thoughts:

The one thing that I didn't like today was the phrasing of the advertising of the new nano. A new way to nano? Really? I think that's dumb.

I'll give you a dollar if you buy the new iPod touch so we can FaceTime.

Apple TV looked dumb until I saw netflix and AirPlay. If Airplay works that well, it's worth every penny.

Why would anyone buy a shuffle when the nano is that much better?

Steve said that they updated every iPod. He forgot about the iPod classic.

Apple never streams events live. Today they did. I was in class.

What if you could install apps for iPod nano from iTunes? Would the small screen be usable?

Why are HD movie rentals still $5? Hollywood is ridiculous.

Having the abc app for iPad on apple tv would be great. Even though are commercials. I would much rather watch commercials than pay $1 each episode.

Finally printing is coming to the iPad. That should have been included from the start.

The graphics on that game they demoed were incredible. I just downloaded the free demo.

Ping might be cool, but only time will tell. At what point will we have to stop keeping up with so many social networks?

iTunes app updated on my phone without a download from the app store. If apple allowed third party developers to update their apps like that, the world would change. And pigs would be flying.

Check out Airplay. It was by far the best thing announced.

Some days I wish my iPhone had a clip on it like the nano and shuffle.