Gay and Straight Stats

I suppose that because of "coming out" day, there is quite a bit of information and talk coming to the front of our culture about the homosexual lifestyle and its relationship with the American culture. Also probably has something to do with that Don't Ask Don't Tell overruling. These are some interesting stats (link below) that I found via John Gruber put together behind how this idea plays into the lives of Gays and Straights in America and Canada.

I'm not sure that there really is one large finding (except for the several points it makes throughout) but the statistics (however accurate or telling they might or might not be) are at least worth reading through.

If America is going to have this conversation in the next few years, and do so in a way where we encourage life and not oppression throughout it, we are going to need to have a handle on how this breaks down.

Of these stats too, keep in mind that this is put together by a dating service. Therefore, many involved may not be the normal Americans, as not every single person I know would ever consider signing up for a dating service.

You can read the stats here.