The Sad Reality of Gadgetry

In the midst of Apple's MacBook Air update yesterday, they silently updated the MacBook Pro upgradeability. Whenever this happens, I like to do some math about what my next computer might cost. is one of the more popular computer buyers who buy used computers.  The idea is that they buy your old laptop, iPhone, gadget from you.  They send you a box, you put it in there, they erase your data and send you a check.

I couldn't get enough for my old iPhone to make it worth it. I decided to try my MacBook Pro.

Given, my Macbook Pro is a 2006, but it still runs like a monster, I've taken REALLY good care of it (very few scratches, etc) and it has a brand new hard drive and battery in it. My quote is below:


Here's the problem: the computer is worth more than that to me.

If I were to get rid of my machine, I would need enough to purchase a new one.  I couldn't even get the cheapest iPad for that. For the record, the 64GB (the biggest one) iPod sells for $399.

In case you wondered which laptop I would get (and hence why I haven't...check out the price):

If someone would give me the $4,656.00 for my current MacBook Pro, I'd sell.