Texting While Driving

Short, yet emotional documentary that AT&T put together about the effects of texting while driving. Told by family, friends, and strangers who caused and were affected by texting while driving. One of the arguments made is that no one sees drinking while driving as something that is acceptable but almost all of us text and drive. With the advent of keyboard less devices becoming more and more popular, the dangers are multiplied. With drinking and driving, your vision is impaired. With texting, your vision isn't there at all. I'd almost rather have a drunk driver because they are most likely trying hard to pay attention and drive safely whereas a texting driver doesn't care.


About a year ago, I noticed this to be a problem in my own driving habits. I have thought many times that phones need a driving mode, where text messages are automatically responded to with a "driving" mark and don't even appear to the driver. It could be automatic so that whenever a driver enters a car, the phone can't not go into the mode. Unfortunately, this would likely only appear in top level phones and cars, something teenagers don't often have. Unless, I suppose, congress were to step in.

Personally, I use my phone as a GPS device, attached by suction cup to my windshield. I use voice control for calling and ipod control and the angle is such that I don't even like typing on it while parked. It has worked for me because I don't even consider responding unless I am at a light. I just wish I had a way to let the sender know I wasn't ignoring them.

If you were 23 more times likely to die doing any other activities, you wouldn't do them. So why do we do this?

I invite you to think about what measures you might put into place in your own driving habits so that you aren't even tempted to respond to a text message.