A Taste of Passion 2011

One of the things that I like about a progressive Church culture is that new music continues to be written for the masses and the Church. When contemporary music began to become mainstream, the world took cues from WillowCreek in Chicago. Then, the work that Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan did at Hillsong Church in Austrailia made an impression on the musical world. Around the end of the 90's, artists like Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, and David Crowder became more celebrated worship writers through a series of conferences led by the 268 generation (under the direction of Louie Giglio) known as Passion.

Since then, more artists have come forward and more songs have been written for the Passion conferences in hopes that they would allow the Church to worship in new ways. It continues to change the worshipping world. These songs are usually somewhat accessible by a mediocre worship band at a local church or camp. Though other conferences have certainly gained the attention of worship leaders and potential song writers, Passion continues to develop the mainstream and new material comes out of them every year.

I didn't want to post these at first, because there is bound to be some sort of copyright infringement (and surely at some point these will be taken down), but in the world of video cameras on cellphones readily connected to YouTube and music written for the Church at large, this is the way we live. Because I don't know the specifics of those who authored these works, I'll simply list the leadership.

I thought you'd enjoy the aggregation of the songs below. Please, in March, buy the album.

Open the Heavens/All My Fountains - Chris Tomlin Leadership


Spirit Fall - Chris Tomlin Leadership


We Are Here for You - Chris Tomlin Leadership (although this sounds like a Matt Redman tune)


All To Us - Chris Tomlin (This is actually on his most recent album also)


Where You Go We Will Follow - David Crowder Leadership


Song of Liberty/Set Free - Chris Tomlin Leadership


I Need You - Chris Tomlin Leadership


And...the results from "Do Something Now" as read aloud by Louie



That's it for now. When I get a kind email from Passion, I'll take them all down.