How the Verizon iPhone Will Hurt Android

There are two types of people in the world:

  • Those that REALLY love their phone
  • Those that REALLY love their carrier

Since 2007, those who loved the iPhone have put up with AT&T despite the bad publicity the company got.

At 11am today, Verizon is expected to take the stage in New York and announce that Verizon will carry the iPhone for the first time.  This is significant because there has never been a CDMA compatible iPhone, and Verizon is the leading competitor to AT&T.

Many have wondered how many AT&T iPhone customers will switch later this month when the Verizon iPhone hits shelves.  I don't.

I've talked to a LOT of people who have Android phones and like them. But, given the option, would have bought an iPhone. It's not that Android is bad, but the cultish atmosphere behind it is found mostly in tech geeks, not the general public. The iPhone, because of Apple and because of its name, has a huge following in the consumer space. Android is more capable than iOS in many ways, but doesn't have the fit and polish that the iPhone has.

If given the choice between an Android handset and an iPhone and you are an average consumer, what would attract you to Android? What would attract you to the iPhone? I think the iPhone has more attraction points for the typical consumer.

The question isn't whether the Verizon iPhone will hurt AT&T.  Many AT&T customers have been AT&T customers for years.  Many are happy with their AT&T service and coverage (myself included). The Verizon iPhone will hurt Droid sales. The Verizon iPhone will hurt Android market share.

The Verizon iPhone will do nothing but help Apple.

I've been dreading this day for a long time because those who REALLY love their carrier will now REALLY love their phone.  And they will probably shove it in all the AT&T's customers faces.

But now I don't care.  At least they'll finally get their way. I care more about them being Apple fans than I do AT&T fans anyway.