Wikipedia's Take on Sarah Palin's "Blood Libel"

If you haven't heard about the controversy of Sarah Palin's map from months ago in relation to the Tucson shootings on Saturday, you've been under a rock. With a few small statements here and there Palin had not said much in regards to the event or how some of her comments etc may have heightened the violent political climate in this country.

This morning she did when she tweeted this:

America's Enduring Strength

In it, she compared the political reaction regarding her to a "manufactured blood libel" and since that moment, "blood libel" has been a trending topic on twitter. In fairness, you can't expect her or her writing staff to know what blood libel means or the severity or controversial understanding of the term. They're not Jewish.

If you care, you can follow that link above and read the text of her "speech" as well as see the video (if you want a really good laugh).

If you care more, you'll probably end up on Wikipedia under blood libel. I did. I found this (it is unfortunate that this will surely be changed, but I must have hit it right at the right time):

In 2011, Sarah Palin, a quitter and no longer relevant political figure, reinserted herself into national spotlight and used the term without any idea of the meaning. This action reaffirms the American public and the world of her incompetence and stupidity.

Oh. Man. How could it get any better?