Different Definition of the Body of Christ?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxQ8tpwdJ1Y&sns=tw] Anne Rice reflecting on why she has decided to stop calling herself a Christian.

I am often much more of a critic of the Church than I ought to be and I see her point, but I think her arguments just aren't that well defined. I don't believe that as many sects and denominations think they speak for Christ as she makes it out to be, though many of them often get the better press coverage.

It is undeniable that leaving the Church and still having faith is becoming more popular. These people still care about the Body of Christ, yet don't consider themselves to be fans of organized religion.

My question: Can you be a Christ follower to the potential that God has called you to and not rely at least a little on the Christians around you?

I suspect that if there are enough that don't like organized religion, they'll get together...and organize. Back to square one. But - maybe it'll be better this time.