Patriot Network TV

This guy is a community college professor in Arizona. His whole premise is that Obama is going against the American people by siding with the drug cartels and filing a lawsuit to stop Arizona's illegal immigration codes (SB1070) from going through. [youtube=]

Only a few comments:

  • "Let that sink in."  How about, no.
  • The President should never be referred to as "Mr. Obama," but rather, "President Obama."
  • The uses of the words "patriot" and "great Americans" imply that others against the movement are not either. I hate that.
  • Videos that are intended to be seen as off the cuff speeches (no obvious TelePrompTers) are always more effective when they also appear unedited.
  • "You're next." No. Please don't compare illegal immigration to the Holocaust. It is offensive, severely offensive.
  • It sounds like he has been hanging out with Sarah Palin for too long.
  • His watch would be cooler if it played music.
  • Arizona's racism and harsh attitude toward illegal immigrants is so last year.
  • I still say that our ancestors immigrated illegally here. The Natives hated it.