"Christian" Music

Michael Gungor has a blog post from back in December about the label of "Christian" music and how it has the potential to change and hurt the way art is created. You can read it here. I personally enjoyed this paragraph: Secondly, I think that this categorization hurts the art. Because this category exists, it comes with baggage. Imagine if you were a Republican, and you really believed Republican values, but you found out that if you wanted to make a record that it would be placed in the small Republican Music section in the back of the store. That might effect how you make the music… If you are going to make a “Republican record” as opposed to simply making a record as a Republican, it would probably effect the art. In fact, it might have a tendency to overtake the art and turn it into Republican propaganda. The music becomes secondary to the message, which means the music is probably going to suck. You can only rhyme “Limbaugh” with so many things after all…

More and more, Christian blogs are becoming more bold about asking questions of the Church and where society is leading us. This tends to remind me of early Church history and I love the debate.

On the other hand, how does art interact with the Gospel being preached?