Sheen vs. The World

[vodpod id=Video.5665367&w=425&h=350&fv=launch%3D41825237%26amp%3Bwidth%3D420%26amp%3Bheight%3D245] Hey Charlie, you're right...the world is SO against you (or more like CBS is the world). Gosh, that $2 Million an episode must really be a burden.

I had to watch this interview 3 times in order to make sure I took it all in.  I've aggregated some of my favorite lines below:

  • "Drug tests don't lie."
  • "I closed my eyes and made it so." - on how he became clean
  • "No,  I did that because they work...change the way you see things, the way you feel." - on turning to drugs and alcohol
  • "Sober Valley Lodge"
  • "At that point it's just the gibberish of fools" - people who talk about him who don't know the "situation"
  • Jeff: "Are you embarrassed that your kids will one day read about this?" Charlie: "God, no. I mean, talk about an education."
  • "Passionate.  My passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes."
  • "They are trying to destroy my family."
  • "Defeat is not an option.  They picked a fight with a warlock."
  • Jeff: "How do you plan to win that war?" Charlie: "With zeal, and focus, and violent hatred."
  • "Accept me Chuck."
  • Jeff: "Are you going to OD? Are you going to die?" Charlie: "No, that's for amateurs."
  • "Fools, fools, trolls, they allowed defeat to be an option. I won't." - on strong people who relapsed
  • "Come Wednesday they're going to rename it Charlie Brothers and not Warner Brothers...duh. Winning!"
  • "I won Best Picture at 20.  I wasn't even trying."
  • "I'm a man of my word."
  • "3 mil an episode, take it or leave it."
  • They owe me a big one, publicly, while licking my feet."

Something tells me that CBS is not going to apologize.

But, I do think that Chuck Lorre should do a primetime and morning show interview responding to Charlie's questions.

I'm always amazed by eccentric people.  I do believe that there really is a fine line between crazy and brilliant, and sometimes the two are mixed together; Hitler was crazy, but brilliant; Steve Jobs is brilliant, but crazy.

Charlie is in a positon where he thinks he knows that his acting can make or break that show. He also mentioned (not included above) that he had been converting Chuck Lorre's "tin cans" into gold for eight years. I tend to be of the mind that it does require both writer and actor to work together to create a work like Two and a Half Men. The show might be nothing without Charlie, but it is definitely nothing without Chuck Lorre. Based on Lorre's other success, he'll be ok.

So, no, I don't see CBS paying him 3 million just to finish the show.  I think we have seen the end of Two and a Half Men. And yes, I think 2 million an episode is too much. But, you're worth whatever people will pay you to do what you do. When you're good, and in demand, you can request whatever you want. And if they want you bad enough, they'll give it to you. That's supply and demand economics and is the way the world tends to work. doesn't keep you from being a jerk.

Whatever happens with his career, we will forever connect the name Charlie Sheen with a guy living a rock star life with multiple live in girlfriends who cares nothing about anything else except to play this game called American life better than anyone else.

Sadly, he'll probably do pretty well at it too.


P.S. - Something tells me that when you are used to making $2 million an episode, someone canceling your job seems like a big deal.  But, in comparison, the world isn't against you.  I'm sure he feels like the world IS against him because of all of the negative publicity regarding the situation.  But, an interview like this does little except to present you as a man who only cares for himself. I wish him luck, mentally more than anything else.