Stop The Bullying

When P!nk's song "Perfect" released, I knew it'd be huge. In P!nk's music video, she tells the story of a cutter, someone who is depressed about who they are and where they are. The idea of the song is that whoever you are, you are beautiful and perfect. The video tells the story in a graphical way. I really enjoy following Ahmir on YouTube. They are an R&B group that does a lot of covers and posts them on YouTube. Phenomenal singers.

This video, a cover of "Perfect" uses the words of the songs to speak out not about a woman who isn't good enough, but rather about children who are being bullied in our communities. It stretches out and includes racial and ethnic backgrounds.

It's well done and pleads with the emotions of the viewer.

What I love so much is the phrase that came up at the credits, "Bullying is a learned behavior." Because of that, I believe bullying to be entirely preventable.


Those bullied must be taught to speak up. Both for themselves or others. Those who bully must be taught that their self worth does not come from their humiliation of a classmate.

Once our culture learns to treat each other with respect, dignity, and love, we will find that our true sense of self worth comes from a higher source and not from any comparison here on earth.

People deserve to be treated like people.

That's true in oppressive countries. That's true in countries without basic amenities. That's true in areas with hate crimes. That's true in our churches.

And it is definitely true in our nation's schools.

If our children learn this behavior, they might never unlearn it.

I've been bullied. And I've bullied. If one thing is true, it's that this isn't just a problem with our children. It's a problem with our culture. And it's our problem. And we've got to own that. Immediately.

Stop the bullying. Now.