Two Worlds Clashing

I preach to the music team at the church I work at all the time about the change that has occurred in how music is written over the past 50-100 years. I have a classical music education but typically lead worship in the contemporary tradition (ha! right?) on a weekly basis. I've seen the crossover from voice-written pieces to organ-written pieces to piano-written pieces to guitar-written pieces.  There is both quality material and crap in ALL categories.

I have often expressed before, here, how much I care about the progressive church. At our church we try to find a nice balance between all of these worlds.  It's a new experience for me and something I am not always successful with.

When we do hymns at church (you know, out of those little books that sit in the pew in front of you) I typically rely on my figured bass (I mean, it's not figured bass but that training comes to my rescue in a huge way) reading skills to play along to the hymns on the guitar.  I am, at times, more successful at some than others.

I HAD to share this.

This song moves quickly, has a lot of running parts and the chords don't transfer to the guitar well.  So, of course I went on CCLI and looked up a chord chart to see if they had one.

I was blown away.

I'm a fan of simplicity (welcome, Apple) and so this type of visual organization drives me crazy anyway, but this was crazy.  I'm all about trying to take the good out of the old and moving it forward (we all do this in some way or another) but often times it ends up like this:

How is ANYONE who knows how to read music or, especially...doesn't, going to be able to follow that? Unbelievable work.  Unbelievable.

I'll probably get in trouble (with CCLI) for posting this, but it was too good to pass up.