1966 Predicts the iPhone

A video published in 1966 that not only predicts, but demonstrates what the computer world will be like in 1999. They were darn close, they just didn't think big enough. The part they missed: by ten years later(meaning 2009), people would be able to do it on a device that fit in the palm of their hand, and easily in their pocket. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5sbdvnvQM&]

It occurs to me that they didn't see the "computer" as something that would mold and shape and change, but rather as some sort of static device that did a few key tasks. And, if that statement is true, why would the first thing they picked to demonstrate be home shopping? Interesting choice to say the least. People were doing that on television before they were doing it on a computer.

It must have been hard to conceive of the idea of the open Internet in those days. Sure, networked computers were thought of (how else would this have worked?) but the idea of an open Internet where anyone can set up anything and display it for the world to see must have been hard to conceive of. It wasn't just a few things here and there, it was literally everything...online. The system of the Internet is obviously what made this possible, and has made so many other things possible as well.

The question is, what is the NEXT system? What it is that we can't conceive of now that will completely change how we go about our daily activities and routines? How do companies think outside of the box enough to stay ahead of competition and innovate their way to success?

My guess: artificial intelligence. The race is on.

I'll give the first company to bring it fully to markets everywhere a dollar.

Then I'll run for the hills because...our hubris will be our undoing.