I'm On The Edge...of Stupid.

Gaga's got a new video. It's brilliant. So deep.  So inspiring. So well-written. So perfectly executed. [vodpod id=Video.11139720&w=425&h=350&fv=]

She's received quite a bit of negative press for this one(But that's not that different for her, is it?).

In all honesty, she can do whatever she wants.  If she chooses to write a song while taking shots with her dad on the piano after her grandfather died, then tell everyone that the song is about her grandfather (ought to be sentimental, right?), then dress in scant leather and basically have sex with poles and brick walls for the video; she has the right to.

But here's what I think happened:

  • Someone offered her some kind of drug.
  • She took it.
  • She thought, "I'm GaGa; I can do anything and get away with it"
  • Then she looked at a friend next to her and said, "what if I just dance without planning anything and we make it into a music video and then I sell it and get huge publicity for it."
  • Then her friend said, "Stephanie, I think that's a terrible idea."
  • Then GaGa said, "Great, let's do it; I'll do it naked."
  • Then her friend said, "But that song's about your Grandfather!"
  • To which GaGa replied, "He'd be proud."
  • They filmed it ten minutes later (no need for elaborate set design).
  • The next day, the drugs wore off.
  • GaGa realized how bad it was.
  • So she decided that if she blamed it on a creative director, people would think it was brilliant.
  • So she did.
  • But he had Twitter.  And he corrected the whole world.
Thus, ladies and gentlemen, we get the current product displayed above.
I never knew Elton in his crazy days. I came to really appreciate his work later in life. I liked his eccentricity, but I liked his music more.  I wonder if the same thing will happen with artists like GaGa to my kids.
God, I hope not.
Oh, GaGa.