Derek Jeter 3K

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't stand the pinstripes. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up as a huge Braves fan. Maybe it's because I started following the Red Sox in college. Maybe it's because of the way I was treated in Yankee Stadium (the real one). Maybe it's because I couldn't stand the way that Steinbrenner bought his way to championships. Maybe it's because they tore down one of America's best known buildings.

Maybe it's jealousy that the Yankees have had one of the greatest rosters of all time.

In any case, there is one Yankee that everyone has to like. He's never been in trouble with the media. He seems to be so humble whenever he speaks. He's easily one of the best shortstops of all time. He now belongs to the 3,000 hit club. He will belong to the Hall of Fame when all is said and done.

Derek Jeter is about the only reason to watch a Yankee game.

This looks like a phenomenal documentary.