My Favorite Steve Pictures

As I was looking through my iPhoto library, I realized that I've saved many many pictures of Steve Jobs from google searches, articles, etc. I thought that I'd share some of my favorites.

I do not own these pictures, I do not make any money from this website, and I'm sure that this breaks all kinds of copyright rules. I'm almost positive that any of these can be found fairly easily in a google image search, so I have not taken any care of referencing where they came from. Deal with it.

We may one day (maybe today) remember this as the product that saved Apple.

What an elegant shot of him during one of his assumedly stressful keynote presentations.

We will one day look back on this day as the day the computer industry changed forever.

A classic of him and Woz.

I think that it was at this point that he knew he had something great.

His baby, and what eventually got him fired.

His D Conference interviews were outstanding.

Steve reflecting on stage about where his company came from.

The Pirates Of Silicon Valley movie portrays this day as the day he became a true salesman.

TIME magazine always has the best photos. If you disagree, you're wrong.

The presence and prominence of the wedding band here is most intriguing.

Without a doubt, my favorite. So young, so much spunk, such a smirk, it sums it all up so nicely.