Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice for the First Time and Doesn't JUST Change Her Life, but Changes Ours As Well

You've all seen this, but I had to post it, because I tear up every time I see it.


ABCFamily's Switched At Birth is the greatest television series considering the deaf world I've seen, I think. It has a different take on being deaf than this video seems to portray, but it still seems to be a video worth watching. No matter your feelings on "curing" deafness, this video portrays why I tend to be a fan of progress and technology, no matter if it is in my cell phone (think Stevie Wonder's thanks to Steve Jobs) or in the saving of a life through medicine.

As a musician, I often take my ability to hear and gift to hear differently for granted far more than I'd ever admit to. This type of video often reminds me of the important things in life.