Here's to the Crazy One: Kim Jong Il is Dead

Ever since I spent about three days worth of time watching every documentary on North Koreas available on Netflix and researching as much about the oppression and brainwashing, I've been slightly obsessed with how in the world this situation can exist.     As an American who believes in freedom, fair news reporting, and the possibilities that human ingenuity brings about, I've been very against the work that Kim Jong Il, his father, and the government of North Korea have been doing.    Some people have compared his reign to that of Hitler's.    I don't think that's fair. Hitler influenced an entire nation and convinced many of them to obliterate millions of people for what seems like, in hindsight, no reason other than his own concerns.  Hitler was a horrible, horrible man.   Kim Jong Il is different. His power is not all his, by his own making.  He has convinced those within the North Korean walls that he is the continuation of Supreme leadership.  His followers, most North Koreans, worship his father (literally) and thank their Supreme Leader for the goodness he has given them.    But Kim Jong Il didn't give them goodness. He controlled everything. He denied them medical needs.  He denied them food.  He denied them, because of what came before him, of the rights that Americans believe all humans should have.    He threatened nations he didn't like. He didn't let outsiders in. And, if insiders wanted out...and tried to flee, they were killed.  He scared the world into thinking he would obliterate them.   Kim Jong Il was a bad, bad man.  He was probably crazy.  Jesus loved him, but I found him hard to love.   We need less leaders in our world like him.   As we learn more about the transfer of power that will happen and the potential uprising that may spring forth from the citizens, we should pray for peace.  We should pray for oppression to end.  We should pray for freedom. We should pray for humanity.   -B   He did this: