Tract Money Tip Is Not Okay to Leave, Christians

So, yeah. This is, most definitely, not an okay tip to leave, Bible belters and tract leavers. If you want to leave this AND leave them a tip for their exceptional service, then whatever floats your boat. But in all honesty, do you think that Jesus would have done something this shady and shitty? Tricking someone into thinking they were getting money, when in reality you were handing them a piece of meaningless paper, which in and of itself is essentially lying? Congratulations. You have accomplished the opposite of what you set out to do. The server now hates your religion even more than they maybe used to.

There are lots of things wrong here:

  • That tract exists
  • Someone thinks that tract is a good idea
  • The client did not tip
  • The client deceived the server with the "tip" 
  • The client was cheap

Look at the results, Christians. What a poor, poor witness.