McCann to Boston

A star Brave considers the Sox: 

"Certainly Boston is a city that Brian likes, and he has always respected the organization and the front office," said B.B. Abbott, managing partner at Jet Sports Management. "Obviously, the coaching staff and clubhouse unity is attractive. He has also always been fascinated with the fan base, their support of the Red Sox and the history of the organization. Boston would certainly be a place that would be a consideration for Brian."

Color me interested. I liked Salty, so it's unfortunate that Boston doesn't want to play ball with him. One can't deny that his performance in the postseason was less than, uhhhh, stellar. Farrell decided to repeatedly play Ross in most of the postseason--who himself struggled endlessly at the plate--over Salty.

And...let's not forget Salty's disastrous throw to third that lost the game for the Sox and, perhaps, changed baseball rulebooks.