The US Bullies Apple for Information

Apple released a report documenting just how much private customer information they've given to various governments: 

Like many companies, Apple receives requests from law enforcement agencies to provide customer information. As we have explained, any government agency demanding customer content from Apple must get a court order.1 When we receive such a demand, our legal team carefully reviews the order. If there is any question about the legitimacy or scope of the court order, we challenge it. Only when we are satisfied that the court order is valid and appropriate do we deliver the narrowest possible set of information responsive to the request.

There are probably a lot of things to glean from this work, but I focused on only one: the United States requests more information about private citizens from public companies than any other on the list.  China, by the way, is on that list.  There could be many reasons for this, not least of which is the fact that US citizens have a stronger addiction and more fluid supply to Apple's products and services. Enough, though, to have that large a distinction in numbers?

I doubt it.