Sarah Palin Posted This to Twitter...

Her quote:

SarahPalinUSA Think Obama's tax policies are wise? Watch this...

You know what occurs to me?  This is not the way our tax system works.


I enjoyed reading the YouTube comments as well.  Some of my favorites:

Dear Lee, Please send this to Obama. 

If Sarah Palin likes it, you know it must be a gross simplification.

What would really happen if this was truly based on US tax policy is that Man #10 would take all sorts of tax deductions and tax credits and end up getting back $25 dollars, and then he'd fire of all his American drinking buddies, move his drinking operation overseas, and only lay out $15 dollars for drinks while still getting $25 back from Uncle Sam.

Sarah Palin sucks man, don't talk to her lee

If this took place in in a Tea Party bar the 4th and 5th guy would be complaining that they should all drink piss instead.

I love your eye contact with the camera

Do you think having books behind you gives you credibility? This story doesn't change the fact that wealth has been migrating from the middle class to the richest Americans over the past 30 years while jobs (not rich people) go out of the country.

This is the dumbest argument ever! Hypothetically, a poor man gets $100 income and a rich man gets $1million income. Both get a 20% tax refund. The poor man can use the $20 to feed his family, and the rich man can use his $200,000 to buy a new Bentley? Although proportionally, the tax breaks are the same, this tax breaks are so much more important for the poor than for the rich. Ever heard of the Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility?

I have a problem with your bar stool story. In my experience the first 4 men do not drink for nothing but are PAID to drink. I know a guy who refuses to live with his girlfriend with whom he has 3 children. For this she is getting cash, housing, heating and food dollar assistanced from the government in addition to her part time job. And he spends his money on pot.

So the entire justification for the rich receiving higher tax breaks is that if they didn't they'd move away and stop paying taxes altogether?

The woman who posted this could be our next President.

Run for the hills.