Strongest Storm of 2013 Heads for Philippines

Our prayers are with the people of the Philippines as they brace for what looks to be a deeply devastating storm/ 

Some of the most vulnerable people are those living in makeshift shelters on the central Philippine island of Bohol. Last month, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the island, which lies close to the typhoon's predicted path. The quake killed at least 222 people, injured nearly 1,000 and displaced around 350,000, according to authorities.

I lived in the most privileged country in world and in 2004, my state experienced 3 back to back to back hurricanes that left parts of the state out of power for weeks and several people (including a high school bandmate of mine) dead. We all know what happened in New Orleans not a year later; it killed about 1,800 people and did about $100B worth of damage.

Keep the Philippines in your thoughts and prayers.