NickTip Real Talk: The Blog LIVES ON.

Former student of mine blogs about sports (the Atlanta Falcons and Duke Blue Devils in particular) and rap music. I appreciate his insight into this year's basketball team. 

Duke Basketball has made it back to the top of the recruiting world, and as top-tier recruits have begun to roll in, the future looks brighter than ever. (See Kyrie Irving and Jabari Parker) Had Kyrie's infamous toe not been so tragically injured, I am nearly certain we would be the owners of back-to-back titles once again. Perhaps Jabari can lead us to the promised land this year. It should at the very least be the most enjoyable Duke team to watch play in a while.

And also, he and I are 100% agreed here: 

Side goofy is the Duke Basketball Official Poster this year??? It looks like it was made on Microsoft Publisher 97 with all the default font settings. Not to mention "Fast And Furious" as the tag line. Original.

Bonus, he's related to Buster Posey.